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Energy Flows Within an Organization

Do employees really know, care, or have the skill set to see how energy flows within an organization and how stagnated and distorted energies create obstructions/obstacles that negatively impact progress, efficiency, morale, communication, and the bottom line?

One might agree that overcoming these problems can be achieved through experience. That is certainly true. But how many would agree there is a greater power that entails intuition and knowing how energy works, not only in the bioelectromagnetic fields for humans but also as it pertains to organizations? Our ‘work’ in the everyday environment is simply an out picturing of our internal process. What does that really mean? As an example, in the context of an electrical engineer who designs circuitry, he or she is really working on solving something externally that will help them evolve and grow from within. It is a direct correlation, so when there is a deeper understanding of self, one can become more conscious of what they are doing in their ‘work’ to evolve not only on a personal level but also on a spiritual level. It all started for me forty years ago when I read a fascinating Pulitzer Prize best-selling book in college called ‘Soul of a New Machine’ by Tracy Kidder. While the book primarily focuses on the development of a computer, it also delves into deeper themes of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Many of the engineers and designers involved in the project grapple with questions about the significance of their work and their place in the world. This quest for meaning and purpose can be seen as a universal spiritual journey that many individuals undertake in their lives. This is the essence of my work and area of expertise – expanding our consciousness in multidimensional ways to see outside the box and problem-solve on levels that are beyond reach from traditional cognitive thinking by reading and interpreting energy patterns, identifying inefficiencies, and potential outcomes based on current energy interactions.

Everything is energy and everything has consciousness, but less than ten percent of our cognitive activity is conscious; therefore, our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior are largely influenced by our unconscious minds. This is often not optimal when navigating obstacles and challenges. Limited beliefs and patterned conditioning can create organizational and personal inefficiencies and perpetuate non-productive outcomes. Einstein reminds us that we cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. Bringing precision and clarity to organizations and individuals is the core foundation of my work. This creates major breakthroughs in organizations and encourages individuals to be the best they can be. The individuals within an organization are the infrastructure for this positive change; when the team evolves, the organization also evolves with them.

In my thirty-seven years of experience as an electrical design engineer, I have also honed my skills to understand how energy works. In other words, this basically translates into how to read the energy of anyone, anything, and any situation for the purpose of understanding what is and isn’t working efficiently and what obstructions and obstacles are present but also what are the most likely outcomes if these energies continue to interact and exist in their current state of flux. Energy follows patterns that are already programmed within us through years of conditioning.

Harmony in Motion: Understanding the Energetic Dynamics of Organizations

Energy flow is the flow of energy through an ecosystem that is always changing. The people in an organization are the foundation of these conditions, as they interact with one another on a regular basis, as well as all the external people that work with the organization, such as customers, contactors, consultants, suppliers, and other services that may be provided. The most influential source of energy in most organizations and businesses comes from the top, such as the owner, CEO, and stakeholders who set the tone and direction. This is common sense; however, what isn’t obvious is how impactful that energy is, whether good or bad, because the employees are typically energetically aligned with the owner’s or shareholder’s vision, or the leaders involved. It is that simple but gets more complex as the energy spans out within the organization.

Furthermore, employees' alignment with the organization's energy is crucial for harmony and productivity. When there's a mismatch between individual and organizational energies, it can lead to disruptions and disturbances in the overall flow. Managers are tasked with detecting and addressing these disruptions, often attributing them to performance issues or procedural discrepancies. Employees come and go all the time, but if they do not resonate with the energy of the organization, they may find it unnerving and not congruent with their energy and path in life. This also holds true when someone gets fired or removed from the organization because the organization’s energy is being disturbed due to the employee not working within the constructs of those energy flows. Since this creates unwanted harmonics and distortions, inefficiencies become glaring to those who can detect them; however, most people are not versed in reading energy in a way that presents the big picture. They are typically compartmentalized and only driven from above. This creates an imbalance in the organizational energies, and therefore the energy, just like an electrical circuit, seeks a return path for proper flow to complete the circuit, and when it cannot find it, inefficiency, malfunction, or even damage to the system occurs. For example, in an electrical circuit, if there is a break or malfunction in the return path (ground), it can lead to electrical faults or equipment failure. All these areas have to do with ‘the flow’.


Just like humans, organizations have a soul or a collective spirit that drives them on a much deeper level. Perhaps you may call this an organized, all-pervasive energy that is not seen but felt and is a coherence that weaves through all employees, products, and physical aspects encompassing the organization. The soul is a conscious collective with a mission to learn and evolve based upon the dynamics they consciously decide to step into when they assume the role as an employee, consultant, or otherwise as a participating member. The same holds true for the individual human in his or her daily life, whether at home or outside of the office. If we as humans are not learning and evolving, we cease to exist; therefore, an organization is a much more complex and ever-changing group of employees all collaborating with a common intent. Just as we individually strive to manage our energy system to stay healthy, fit, and feeling happy and in harmony within and with all that is around us, organizations want the same. Organizational dis-ease is a lack of allowing this harmony to happen, and it involves all employees.

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