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Clift Briscoe, VA

"Several years ago we founded an energy storage business consisting of seasoned professionals who already made their careers and cash with prior businesses. We saw this as a strength. However, it was also a weakness since the principals were not putting real effort to propelling the business along.

We first approached Doug as an engineering resource. However, he proved more valuable as a facilitator helping bring operational and time mapping solutions into our team, which allowed everyone to fulfil their daily commitments and participate in the positive growth of the company.

In our case, Doug's engineering background was the gateway to engagement but his life experiences were brought to the table to show us how to make our organization operationally more successful.

We've all encountered life and business coaches who claim to remake you or your business and they are great at selling themselves. Doug proved to be a valued partner to us out of happenstance. We're stronger and better focused after working with Doug and I recommend any business looking to fill that gap to bring Doug in for a consultation."

Co-founder of Sol Donum, LLC

Teresa Jones, VA

"Douglas has a well honed intuitive ability to clearly identify my areas of physical and/or energetic concern and , improve how I feel in short order.  He sizes up whatever is affecting me, and offers practical suggestions on how to address and often resolve the issue going forward.  Douglas is a joy to work with, his sense of humor and sage counsel is much appreciated.  He has deep and broad experience in energy work and healing, and can be trusted with great confidence to discuss any issue with sensitivity and discernment.  The result of working with him is always a positive experience that helps me deal with issues/symptoms immediately, to understand why they occurred, and how to alleviate them in the future. He brings solid credentials and years of experience to every session."

Ryan Auchmoody, MD

"Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Doug. I have had the pleasure of working with Doug through multiple employers collaborating on several projects together. Outside of the office Doug is just a great guy."

Trish Krayeski, AZ

“I have known Douglas for several years as a healer, teacher and intuitive. Over the years,  I have sought his expertise and counsel for my personal development, life purpose, healing and clarity.  Douglas embodies integrity, compassion and authenticity which are essential characteristics when working with others on both the energetic and practical levels. He has successfully worked in the business world and as a healing practitioner and this makes what Douglas offers so valuable. I can attest to his ability to assist others find solutions to life challenges in both practical and intuitive ways."
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