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Helping organizations and individuals align with their purpose and business strategies by identifying challenges and barriers that inhibit successful outcomes. My facilitation creates solutions for a productive workforce while instilling individual and group/team empowerment. I am passionate about helping you or your organization grow through visionary guidance and out-of-the-box thinking while utilizing mindfulness in your practices and processes.

In working with clients, my process is fundamentally simple but critically customized to fit the client's needs. There are some foundational steps involved in this process, which are identified as follows:

If the client's needs are minimal, an hourly rate may be most applicable; otherwise, the following is more typical of what is needed for optimal results.

1. Discovery process and needs assessment: I learn about the organization and/or individual(s) involved, and depending upon the scope of work, it may entail additional information gathering from other members, observing group or team interactions, and participation in meetings and activities. My goal is to make a thorough assessment when formulating recommendations. The discovery process and needs assessment are foundational parts of the work; these are areas where I have several decades of experience working with many different disciplines and teams. 

2. Formulation of the framework specific to the client's needs: This involves creating a framework for the overall intent or basis for this work, including the projected milestones, deliverables, costs.

3. Milestones for meeting in person and virtually to discuss the issues and concerns at hand. Recommendations will be presented and discussed. This is crucial for the careful diagnosis of problems and the provision of corrective action or solutions. These milestones are also used as metrics to ensure my clients are satisfied with my deliverables. This demonstrates my accountability and progress towards meeting the needs of each client. I track your progress, and this drives the continued milestones. This is a closed-loop system to ensure accountability. Currently, many consultants and employees operate in open-loop systems and are not held accountable. As a result of this, schedules are not adhered to, inefficiencies grow, and this ultimately impacts the bottom-line cost(s). 


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