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Passionate About Helping Others

Douglas Macauley lives in Germantown, Maryland. He is a dedicated father with children spanning two generations: a daughter, age fourteen, and a son, age thirty-four. With degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, Douglas builds on a foundation of over three decades as an electrical engineer for his work as a mindfulness practitioner, trusted advisor, and intuitive energy healer. Douglas believes mindfulness allows us to find our center, inner peace, and harmony while being guided by our hearts and staying grounded in our truth, which ultimately leads us to live a joyful life.

  • Certified Faculty member at Lasseter-Lundy Institute educational organization for Mastery of Intuitive Energy Healing.

  • Ordained Minister of Healing, Rays of Healing Metaphysical Church

  • M.S., Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University; Telecommunications concentration

  • B.S., Electronics Engineering Technology, DeVry Institute of Technology

  • George Washington University, Systems Engineering Management and Analysis certificate

  • United States Patent recipient: Patent number 9106364, Signal processing of a high capacity waveform

  • Three-time recipient of Eaton Corporation Innovation award

  • Self-Published Book Author

    • I Am a Feeling Body: Body Awareness and Mindfulness for Children

    • I Am Grounded: A Path to Stability and Feeling Safe

    • I Am Centered: Finding your Point of Presence

    • I Am Empowered: Freedom and Spirit of the Ride

  • 550+ hours of formal coursework in the field of energy healing, mindfulness, and supplemented by extensive experiential practices.

  • 10 years of working with private clients performing trusted advisor sessions, physical, emotional, and mental intuitive energy healing.

  • Taught a variety of classes and workshops:

    • Mindfulness as it relates to body awareness and our bio-electromagnetic human energy fields.

    • Structures and mechanics of subtle energy fields and intuitive healing.

    • Energy distribution, clearing, balancing, grounding, and centering.

    • Human energy fields and how they relate to electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

    • Subtle energy fields, energy awareness, and energy management.

    • Intuition and empathy.

    • Healing mind and body meditations.

  • 37 years of electrical engineering design and development, serving private and public sectors in the field of telecommunications and electrical smart grid power management.

    • Systems engineering, circuit board-level hardware engineering design experience.

    • Experience in managing a team of electrical, mechanical engineers, and consultants in the development of embedded hardware and software telecommunications products in domestic and global markets.  

    • Lead hardware engineering experience – Leading small teams of design engineers and interfacing with multi-disciplinary groups such as firmware, software, test engineering, manufacturing, project managers, marketing, sales, and customers.

    • Technical project management experience – Leading an engineering team to achieve a common goal while modeling a harmonized, transparent, and efficient manner to stay focused while meeting schedule and budget.

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