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Path through forest



  • M.S., Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University; Telecommunications concentration

  • B.S., Electronics Engineering Technology, DeVry Institute of Technology

  • George Washington University, Systems Engineering Management and Analysis certificate

  • United States Patent recipient: Patent number 9106364, Signal processing of a high capacity waveform

  • Three-time recipient of Eaton Corporation Innovation award

  • Certified Faculty member at Lasseter-Lundy Institute educational organization for Mastery of exacting science and the art of Intuitive Energy Healing.

  • Ordained Minister of Healing, Rays of Healing Metaphysical Church

  • Self-Published Book Author

    • I Am a Feeling Body: Body Awareness and Mindfulness for Children

    • I Am Grounded: A Path to Stability and Feeling Safe

    • I Am Centered: Finding your Point of Presence

    • I Am Empowered: Freedom and Spirit of the Ride

  • 37 years of electrical engineering design and development, serving private and public sectors in the field of telecommunications and electrical smart grid power management.

    • Systems engineering, circuit board-level hardware engineering design experience.

    • Experience in managing a team of electrical, mechanical engineers, and consultants in the development of embedded hardware and software telecommunications products in domestic and global markets.  

    • Lead hardware engineering experience – Leading small teams of design engineers and interfacing with multi-disciplinary groups such as firmware, software, test engineering, manufacturing, project managers, marketing, sales, and customers.

    • Technical project management experience – Leading an engineering team to achieve a common goal while modeling a harmonized, transparent, and efficient manner to stay focused while meeting schedule and budget.

  • 550+ hours of formal coursework in the field of energy and energy healing, mindfulness, and supplemented by extensive experiential practice.

  • 11 years of working with private clients performing trusted advisor sessions, physical, emotional, and mental intuitive energy healing.

  • Taught a variety of classes and workshops:

    • Mindfulness as it relates to body awareness and our bio-electromagnetic human energy fields.

    • Convergence of physics and metaphysics

    • Structures and mechanics of subtle energy fields and intuitive healing.

    • Energy distribution, clearing, balancing, grounding, and centering.

    • Human energy fields and how they relate to electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

    • Subtle energy fields, energy awareness, and energy management.

    • Intuition and empathy.

    • Healing mind and body meditations.​​

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