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  • Corporate Trusted Advisor: Offering strategic guidance to organizations in aligning their vision and mission with achievable goals.

  • Obstacle Identification and Solution Implementation: Identifying and addressing obstacles and challenges hindering business success, implementing long-term solutions for productivity.

  • Energy Flow Management: Leveraging intuitive skills and decades of corporate experience to understand and optimize energy flow within businesses and individuals.

  • Facilitation of Productive Outcomes: Mindfully facilitating and creating recommendations for business solutions, guiding teams towards productive outcomes in strategies and organizational processes.

  • Conscious Decision-Making: Recognizing that less than ten percent of cognitive activity is conscious, guiding organizations and individuals to make mindful and conscious decisions to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Empowerment through Clarity and Precision: Bringing precision and clarity to organizations and individuals, facilitating breakthroughs, and empowering individuals to achieve their goals.

  • Personalized Coaching: Offering personalized coaching to individuals and organizations, encouraging personal and professional growth to achieve success.

  • Transformational Leadership: Helping organizations evolve by empowering individuals within the organization, leading to increased efficiencies, productivity, and bottom-line impact.

  • Holistic Approach to Success: Recognizing that success goes beyond hard work, offering insight and successful outcomes through a holistic approach encompassing intuition, mindfulness, and conscious decision-making.


As a corporate trusted advisor, my role is to assist organizations in successfully fulfilling their vision and mission in achievable ways. This often requires that a company identify obstacles and challenges that currently inhibit its overall business success and implement solutions for long-term productivity. I am here to mindfully facilitate and create recommendations for your business' solutions while simultaneously guiding your team to productive outcomes in business strategies and team/organizational processes. I do this by using my intuitive skills, decades of experience in the corporate workplace, and many years of understanding and feeling how energy flows within businesses and individuals, but most importantly, how to unblock and correct the flow of energy so the business is thriving. As a result, employees become much more empowered, consciously knowing and feeling they are an integral part of a successful organization. All of this creates increased efficiencies, productivity, and directly impacts the bottom line. 

Less than ten percent of our cognitive activity is conscious; therefore, our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior are largely influenced by our unconscious minds. This is often not optimal when navigating obstacles and challenges. Limited beliefs and patterned conditioning can create organizational and personal inefficiencies and perpetuate non-productive outcomes. Einstein reminds us that we cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. Bringing precision and clarity to organizations and individuals is the core foundation of my work. This creates major breakthroughs in organizations and encourages individuals to be the best they can be. The individuals within an organization are the infrastructure for this positive change; when the team evolves, the organization also evolves with them. 

I actively listen to my clients in order to facilitate empowerment through a mindful and conscious set of steps, so they may achieve their goals and desires. This is true in both my roles as a corporate trusted advisor and a personal life coach.


If hard work was all it took to succeed, many would already have the successful outcomes they desired.  This is only one facet of the equation for success. All of what I offer to facilitate breakthroughs is clear insight and successful outcomes. If you or your organization are ready to thrive rather than just survive, please reach out to me for consultation. I look forward to working with you. 



I currently live in Maryland, and my professional background combines my corporate trusted advisor/life coach experience with over three decades as an electrical engineer, mindfulness practitioner, intuitive energy healer, and successful author of a book series that teaches empowerment through body awareness and mindfulness. 

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