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My role is to reaffirm your organization's vision and mission by identifying obstacles and challenges, creating and facilitating recommendations for solutions, and helping you mindfully and consciously navigate these changes to align with your business strategies, team, and organizational processes. 

I listen to my clients in a deep and mindful way and help them help themselves by facilitating empowerment through a mindful and conscious set of steps so they may achieve their goals and desires. 


I bring mindfulness and consciousness to the entire process of supporting my clients. Less than ten percent of our cognitive activity is conscious; therefore, our decisions, actions, emotions, and behavior are largely influenced by our unconscious mind and are not always optimal for navigating obstacles and challenges. Limited beliefs and patterned conditioning can create organizational inefficiencies and hold us in non-productive loops. Einstein reminds us that we cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created. Bringing what is unconscious to a state of being conscious is the core foundation of my work, because this is what creates major breakthroughs in organizations and in individuals to be the best they can be. The individuals in an organization are the infrastructure for this positive change, and when the team evolves, the organization evolves with them, not just to survive but to thrive. 


We have been conditioned to believe that hard work is all we need, but that is only part of the equation for success.

Without self-awareness, we cannot evolve! 

I help my clients bring truth to the very things that are instrumental in holding them back, both individually and organizationally. 

I provide instant value to my clients. 



I live in Germantown, Maryland and combine a foundation of over three decades as an electrical engineer for my work as a trusted advisor & life coach, mindfulness practitioner, intuitive energy healer, and author of  a children’s book series that teaches empowerment through body awareness and mindfulness.

- I Am a Feeling Body: Body Awareness and Mindfulness for Children

- I Am Grounded: A Path to Stability and Feeling Safe

- I Am Centered: Finding your Point of Presence

- I Am Empowered: Freedom and Spirit of the Ride

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